Post-Gucci depression

Tom Ford, the man who turned the flailing luxury goods company around in the nineties, has admitted to depression following his departure from Gucci. In an interview with Jeanne Becker, fashion journalist for the Canadian magazine FQ, he revealed that he misses his ability to leave his mark on popular culture.

Furthermore he expressed his dismay at the bitchiness of the fashion world, which he thought he had left behind. It appears that fashion journalist Suzy Menkes wrote some unkind words about the former designer following a memorial service for Helmut Newton, which Ford had attended. Ford admitted that fighting his depression was an ongoing battle, but that he was going to focus on his acting career in Los Angeles.


Ford The Next Film Star?

With Milan fashion week in full swing, and Gucci going still going strong sans its former creative director, Tom Ford, all eyes on the man who once revolutionised the fashion industry.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Ford is the latest fashionista to pursue an acting career. He has already been cast in his first film, The Great New Wonderful, alongside Maggie Gyllenhaal. Let’s see if his savvy confidence is as alluring on-screen as it was on the runway.