Ex-Gucci guru is back

acfxnaotag_x.JPGOne year after his dramatic departure from Gucci, Tom Ford is back in business. The designer is returning to creating luxury goods with the launch of his new company, called Tom Ford, with former Gucci chairman Domenico De Sole.

The Tom Ford brand will debut next year offering a beauty range, produced with Estee Lauder, and eyewear.

Ford, 43, left Gucci last May after a decade as its superstar designer. After he and De Sole famously fell out with Gucci’s new owner, Pinault-Printemps-Redoute, Ford moved to Los Angeles to try his luck as a film director.

In an interview with the New York Post, Ford said he remained committed to his Hollywood aspirations, through his Fade to Black production company, but longed to return to his role as a designer.

“I missed having a voice in popular culture,” he told the newspaper.

Ford will be the president and CEO and De Sole the chairman of the new company, which will be based in Los Angeles, have design studios in London and be financed with the millions that the partners made while at the Gucci Group.

It is likely other products will soon bear the Tom Ford brand, including a line of women’s and men’s clothing.

The beauty line will come in two phases. The first will be a Tom Ford for Estee Lauder line. The designer will update Lauder’s compacts and lipsticks from the 1960s and 1970s. The second phase will see the launch of Tom Ford-branded beauty products for next year.

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Estee Lauder in tie-up with Tom Ford

Estee Lauder, a division of The Estee Lauder Companies Inc, has formed a first-of-its-kind multi-year creative collaboration with renowned fashion designer Tom Ford that will create Tom Ford beauty business.

The alliance marks the first major business initiative by newly appointed Estee Lauder global brand president John Demsey, and the first time that the Estee Lauder brand has partnered with an outside fashion designer.

In a statement recently, Estee Lauder said the collaboration would involve two phases. For the first phase, Ford will collaborate with Estee Lauder in the creation of a Tom Ford for Estee Lauder line to be sold at Estee Lauder counters. He will design a limited range of products in time for the Holiday 2005 season for specialty distribution, followed by a more extensive collection for Spring 2006 for broader distribution.

In the second phase, Ford will launch a separate, stand-alone Tom Ford beauty brand to create and market fragrance and other related products for Fall 2006.

Demsey said: “Tom Ford is a fashion industry icon in the same way that Estee Lauder is a beauty industry icon. It’s a perfect match of luxury; style and beauty, which we are confident will resonate with consumers around the world.”

It said Ford is widely credited with reviving both Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent through influential collections and provocative advertising campaigns.

Estee Lauder senior vice president for global creative directions Aerin Lauder said the company had always partnered with the best talents of every generation.

“Tom Ford is a true visionary who instinctively knows what consumers want and how to communicate a strong, style-driven image,” said Aerin.

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Former Gucci CEO departs P&G board

Domenico De Sole, the retired CEO of Gucci Group N.V., has resigned as a director of Procter & Gamble Co. to pursue a project with fashion designer Tom Ford.

Procter said the resignation of De Sole, 61, was effective immediately. He was elected to the board in 2001.

“I am stepping off the board so I can focus additional time on a variety of businesses, including my new venture with Tom Ford and Estee Lauder,” De Sole said in a press release. “It has been an honor to serve this great company, and I remain confident about its future success.”

De Sole and Ford announced on April 12 that they would launch a new company, called Tom Ford. It is not the first time they worked together. They are well-known for their work at Gucci, which they transformed from a family business into a modern, international fashion icon before they both left in April 2004.

The new venture involves two partnerships: One with Estee Lauder, to develop beauty products and a fragrance; and a partnership with the eyewear maker Marcolin Group of Italy. De Sole serves as chairman of the new company; Ford as CEO.

“Domenico De Sole has made important contributions to the company and to the work of P&G’s board, for which we are thankful,” A.G. Lafley, Procter’s chairman, and CEO, said in the release. “We have benefited greatly from his wisdom and experience and wish him continued success.”

De Sole was born in Rome in 1944 and moved to the United States in 1970, after earning a law degree. He joined Gucci in 1984 and became CEO of Gucci Group NV in 1995.

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Tom Ford Signs With Estee Lauder

It was only a matter of time before Tom Ford and Domenico De Sole would make a re-appearance as a world-leading fashion duo. They drove the Gucci Group to new heights and now have Chanel and Hermès on their acquisition wishlist.

The duo confirmed an exclusive report in WWD Tuesday that they were returning with a new company that will be totally self-financed. As reported, one of the first deals signed under the new Tom Ford brand is an agreement with the Estee Lauder Cos. to launch a Tom Ford for Estee Lauder collection and eventually a stand-alone Tom Ford beauty brand. While none of the parties involved would discuss terms of the Lauder deal, industry sources speculated that Ford could be paid a minimum of $10 million to $20 million over the next five years.

The designer also on Tuesday signed an agreement with Marcolin for a Tom Ford eyewear line.

Ford, who will be president and chief executive officer of the new company, hinted Tuesday that future product categories could include home goods and a men’s apparel line. He’s also continuing with his plans to enter the film business and said he has “a few” scripts in development.

De Sole, who will be chairman of the new venture, said the deals are the first steps in the founding of a new luxury conglomerate.

“We’re back, and these are the first steps in a bigger plan,” said De Sole. “We’ll be doing very specialized products [and are] thinking through more licenses and the possibility of directly owned stand-alone stores. The brand is going to be very high-end; and all of the products will be positioned at the level of Chanel and Hermès. We want to create the first, true luxury brand of this century. And, as always, we’re doing our own thing, developing our own business model. The process started last summer, and we’ve been looking at this brand from every angle and trying to see what fits and what doesn’t. We’re going to make this very big, but we’re going to build it slowly and at a deliberate pace.

“There is no outside capital at all in this [Tom Ford] venture, and we’re totally in control,” added De Sole. “We really wanted to do something for ourselves.”

Ford, meanwhile, admitted that a year away from fashion, following the duo’s dramatic departure from Gucci Group, has given him a new perspective on the industry.

When asked what he thinks is needed to cure the chaotic fragrance market, Ford replied: “Every forum right now needs quality. There’s so much flash right now, so many people endorsing things. Things are reaching sort of a hollow peak. Quality of product is number one. If I were designing ready-to-wear right now, that’s what it would be about – real, true value. And I don’t mean value for the price. I mean value in terms of quality. That’s what’s most important, and it’s what’s missing in every area.”

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Tom Ford Creates Brand Name

nyet10404121936.jpeg Tom Ford couldn’t stay away. A year after Ford and his business partner, Domenico De Sole, departed — very publicly — from the Gucci Group, they announced the creation of the Tom Ford brand.

“I’m inching toward a return to fashion,” the designer said Tuesday.

The first project is a partnership with Estee Lauder. A small group of beauty products will be in stores by Christmas. Those likely will be items from the archives that Ford will update.

“I want to find a great compact like my mother’s that’s much more luxurious than we see today,” he said. “I want to find a great lipstick color from 1972 — and then I want to put them together.” He also has his sights set on Youth Dew, the perfume that his grandmother wore.

In fall 2006, a stand-alone Tom Ford beauty brand will be launched under the Lauder umbrella, with a fragrance among its offerings.

Ford separately announced a partnership with the Marcolin Group, a manufacturer of licensed eyewear.

However, before he signed any deal, Ford told The Associated Press, he consulted with his agent at Creative Artists Agency. Since he left Gucci, Ford has been pursuing a career in Hollywood and has formed a production company, Fade to Black.

“I was worried, `Will people take me less seriously?’ And my agent said every actress and actor wants this deal. Everyone wants to be known by their sense of style.”

Ford said he’ll split his time between his London design studio and his Los Angeles office.

“We have four projects in development. … Films are absolutely a top priority, which is why I’m not ready to do ready-to-wear,” he said.

A fashion collection, though, is likely to come in the future. Ford warned: “Maybe it’s not going to be women’s, at least not at first, and maybe it’s not going to be runway shows.”

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Ford’s next step

Rumours have been circling that Tom Ford is to join Estee Lauder. The former creative director for Gucci is expected to announce the results of his discussions with the cosmetics giant withing the next two weeks.

Ford, who has dappled in acting, directing and car design – to name just a few activities after leaving Gucci – was thought to become creative director for Estee Lauder. However, the latest news has it that he is to enter into a joint venture with the company, which already has such dealings with Donald Trump and Sean Combs.

When confronted with the rumours last Thursday, Ford said that he had “not as of yet signed any deals at this time.” Not that all this means the end of his career in film. His forthcoming project might possibly star his one time muse, Carine Roitfield, in a cameo role, reports Vogue.com.

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