Tom Ford Gives Good Face

Tom Ford is back with the follow up to his summer Azuree collection with Amber Nude, which will debut at Estee Lauder counters everywhere this September. This collection is being re-released this year with new shades and with last year’s limited edition products. Having missed out on last year’s Amber Nude collection and becoming a born again Estee Lauder fan this year, this collection has me excited. True beauty aficionados will appreciate this collection. With its amber jeweled compacts and lipstick cases, these products are almost little pieces of beauty couture.

ambernude2.jpgThis 14 pieces collection includes lipstick, lip polish, bronzer, nail lacquer, eye gloss, face gloss, a brush and a minaudiere. The lipstick is rich and creamy, it smells great as well. It’s laced with the sweet smell of vanilla and fig, just like their High Gloss. Spiced Amber is a soft brown with a touch of copper, this will be a great fall lip color. An abundance of pigment in a product is usually a good thing but a lack of it, can also be a good thing at times. The bronzer in this collection is one of those cases. It’s not overly pigmented, which allows for a light application, one you can gradually build on. Of course the compact is gorgeous as well. I thought of Cavewoman’s compact collection when I saw this, this is a great compact to start my collection with. I also got a chance to play with the brush in this collection, it’s very similar to MAC’s newly permanent 182 brush. It’s great to apply bronzer with but it’s also fantastic to buff powders and pigment onto your skin. I used this brush with liquid foundation and loved the results this brush gave me.

This is just an introduction to the products I got to play with, there’s lots more to explore including the face and eye glosses. I’m looking forward to playing with these myself, maybe even the nail lacquer if I stop biting my nails by then.


His glamour secret

Tom Ford says his glamour secret is “a cold can of Diet Coke on each eye while I lie in the bathtub”.

You’ve been WAGGED!

Years ago, when Tom Ford was creative director at Gucci, he spotted Victoria Beckham out and about wearing some of his designs. Worried about the negative effect that this could have on the brand, he allegedly called his London PR and demanded to know who was responsible for putting Posh into the outfit.The PR told him that she had bought the clothes at full price at the Gucci shop. Ford is reported to have screeched: “Well, somebody stop her!”


Scruffy Tom Told Off

ford_8-kl.jpgEVEN Tom Ford doesn’t always get his fashion quite right. In a recent interview with American Vogue ’s Editor-at-Large, Andre Leon Talley , for the Metro Channel, the reigning king of the catwalk admitted that he was once cautioned for wearing his favourite pair of ripped jeans to a Gucci board meeting. It wasn’t, it seems, that they objected so much to his casual look. More than he was giving a little too much away. Before the board could get down to the serious business of discussing Gucci’s future, they had to remind Ford that if he was to wear his most prized tatty denims again, he ought to remember to put his on underwear first.

Estee Lauder Q4 2006 Earnings Conference Call Transcript

<-...................... youth-dew-amazon.jpgEstee Lauder collaborated with Tom Ford, who helped us tap into the brand’s rich heritage as inspiration for two new collections, a strategy the Company plans to repeat. This was the first time the flagship brand collaborated with a fashion designer. The collections got so much press we estimate it was worth at least $10 million in advertising value. More importantly, Tom Ford’s vision gave the brand added style and allure. This year, Mr. Ford will design the second Amber Noon and Azuree collections for fall and spring.


Ford update

Tom Ford hasn’t missed a beat since leaving his high-profile jobs designing womenswear for Gucci and Yves St. Laurent. He’s about to unveil his latest in a series of collaborations with beauty giant Estee Lauder.

Ford and Lauder will introduce another limited-edition makeup collection, Amber Nude, in September. It follows Ford’s updating last year of legendary Lauder perfume Youth Dew into a sexier version named Youth Dew Amber Nude.

Meanwhile, Ford’s latest limited-edition makeup collection with Lauder — azuree, named for the 1969 Lauder fragrance — will disappear from retail shelves at the end of August. The company reports strong sales, with a few of the 25 pieces still available locally at Macy’s and Saks and online at Some pieces that sold out early, such as a body oil spray and body tint, were available last week — you guessed it — on eBay.