London Fashion Week and Tom Ford

duo-aminaka-wilmot.jpgThe international fashion A-list descended on London for what has turned out to be one of the most successful Fashion Weeks ever. Anna Wintour, Tom Ford, Colin McDowell, Michael Roberts and Anna Piaggi were among those who showed their support by attending various shows and events on the calendar.

The Fashion Fringe, a competition for emerging British design talent, was hosted in Covent Garden’s piazza to much fanfare. The finalists – Andrea Mc Wha, De Jan, and Graeme Armour, were all highly commended by the judges, who included Tom Ford, Natalie Massenet and Christopher Bailey, but the much coveted prize went to duo Aminaka Wilmont, who will receive funding for their A/W 08 show.


Gucci king says London is fast overtaking Paris in the fashion stakes

splashnews.jpgAs the head designer at Gucci for a decade, he was king of Milan and a lynchpin of the fashion establishment. Texan-born Tom Ford also tried to conquer Paris when he took over Yves Saint Laurent in 2001. But yesterday at London Fashion Week he launched an attack on the supremacy of the French capital over the rest of the global fashion industry.

“Quite honestly in terms of French culture, if you think about what the French are producing in terms of fashion or architects or painters or musicians, they are quite far behind what the British are producing, and yet when you think of fashion, you think of Paris,” said Ford, who was in the capital to judge the Fashion Fringe award held in Covent Garden, central London.

Ford described Paris fashion week, which is home to the likes of Christian Dior, Chanel and Louis Vuitton as “a global showcase – but it isn’t necessarily where talent is coming from. When you think of Paris you think of Karl Lagerfeld who is not French, and you think of Marc Jacobs who’s not French and Stefano Pilati who’s Italian.”

Ford, who left the Gucci Group in 2004, launched his own high-end menswear label earlier this year in New York and plans to open a London menswear line in 2009, with a women’s line being launched in “two or three years”.

He calls his big-budget men’s tailoring label a “new brand” but the 45-year-old designer has a slight advantage over the four young contestants in the competition he was judging. Now in its fourth year, Fashion Fringe is an initiative intended to support the most raw design talent. Graeme Armour, Andrea McWha, De-jan and the eventual winner Aminaka Wilmont all presented collections of a standard equal to the better graduate shows, but in a very competitive season none stood out as yet having star quality. The young designers produced their collections in three months, and as Ford’s current career demonstrates, even those with healthy finances need time to build a brand.

The final day of fashion week saw a phalanx of big names arrive at the last minute. Fashion eccentrics Antoni and Alison persuaded Nicole Kidman to appear in a short film that showcased their spring/summer 2008 collection. Stella McCartney commandeered a sports hall in west London late last night to show her collection for Adidas, while in one of the more unlikely collaborations Naomi Campbell had gathered together some of her supermodel pals to put on a charity show in co-operation with the Rotary Club, in aid of the victims of July’s floods.

Source: By Susie Rushton

Vulva and Tom Ford have the smell of success!

woman-vulva.png Is this for real? Tom Ford is snatchalicious.

Two make a trend and we’re dubbing it Vaginads. Yup, vagina ads. Last week, Tom Ford debuted a new campaign which prominently featured his fragrance product directly between the legs of a naked woman. Now, we are tipped to German company Vivaeros which has a product called Vulva.woman-naked41.jpg

And yes, as the name indicates, it has everything to do with that particular female body part and the (good) smells that emanate from within. While the whole thing reads like one big spoof, there seems to be some seriousness to it. The company, reacting to the predominance of erotic products which makes a person more attractive to another, has bottled the smell of sex (in the form of a “beguiling vaginal scent”) woman-naked1.jpgand is selling it as a fragrance for men to wear seemingly to bring them pleasure in the absence of the real thing.

We don’t know about the rest of you but when, in our younger days, our friends used to do the “dude, smell my finger” thing,woman-naked2.jpg we were more likely to become nauseous rather than suddenly have to unzip and let the fun out. We’re not sure Vulva on our own finger would be any better.

The URL alone almost insists this is a spoof: Not to mention the heavy dose of cheesy nude photographs with the product placed just where Tom Ford placed his. woman-naked3.jpgBut, there is an actual order page where you can buy the stuff.


Axe Makes Women Crazy, Tom Ford Delivers Snatch

tomfordfragranceadsm.jpgWhen selling men’s fragrance, most marketers rely on artist but meaningless photography of alluring situations meant to capture what they believe to be some ethereal state of being obtained only by using the marketer’s fragrance. But not Tom Ford.

Ford removes all pretense in his latest fragrance campaign and celebrates what every man wants: to fuck. In this ad, Ford less than deftly places the product in the place all men hope the it will get them: snatch. Crass? Certainly. Objectifying of women? Sure. Attention getting? Most definitely.

Of the campaign, a Tom Ford Beauty Spokeswoman told Women’s Wear Daily, “We loved the original Marilyn Minter images, but while on a shoot with [Richardson] in Milan, we decided that a sharper, more graphic approach clearly communicated the bold and provocative mood of the fragrance.” Sharper and more graphic, indeed.


Tom Ford Fete Features Sacco, Snakeskin, and Springsteen

Tom Ford and guestsLast night, there was a party for artist and photographer Marilyn Minter’s eponymous new coffee-table book at the vault-like Tom Ford boutique on the corner of 70th and Madison Avenue (forgot that Tom Ford, former designer for Gucci, has a boutique? We forgive you).

Think low suede chairs, snakeskin-covered coffee tables, and a disproportionately high number of handsome young men wearing slicked-back hair and very tight pants navigating their way through a cloud of Mr. Ford’s Black Orchid cologne. Champagne, white wine and vodka only—no stains allowed in this joint!

“It’s kind of a welcome back to school party, so you get to reconnect with everyone you haven’t seen for the summer, and that’s always fun!” gushed nightclub owner Amy Sacco, wearing a rust-colored silk dress with cream safari stripes. “I’m trying to keep it as high-end as Tom and that’s not very easy. I mean, he keeps a high standard for us all.”

What is Ms. Sacco looking forward to this week from her friend Mr. Ford?

“A kiss later at dinner!”

Mr. Ford was circulating in one of his $5,000-plus bespoke suits, trailed by the world’s best-dressed bodyguard. “This is about Marilyn Minter tonight!” he said, when asked about his new collection. “It’s great! She shot two of our ad campaigns. She’s a wonderful artist and she’s worked so hard and she’s finally having a lot of success and she’s a terrific woman and a terrific artist.”

Don’t stop!

“Oh, my God! Well, look at it! It’s sooo, like, she’s not afraid as an artist…The pictures are really strong and graphic.”

Later, Mr. Ford entertained a few lucky guests in an private, wood-paneled, tightly guared fitting room that looked something like a Gstaad hotel suite. As the party drew to a close, a gaggle of paparazzi on the street chased after Mr. Ford and three of his dinner companions, which included Bruce Springsteen (?!), as they ducked into a waiting black Escalade. Inside the shiny vehicle, sitting behind Mr. Ford’s second-row captain’s chair, Ms. Sacco could be seen laughing excitedly.

Source: Photo: Getty Images

Designers are dictators: Tom Ford

Fashion mogul Tom Ford talks about influencing people’s fashion senses, being a very shy person and more…

Do you feel you’ve reached a point in your career where don’t have to compete?

– I feel I don’t have to compete in certain ways. I am also at a stage in my life where I want to only do things that I love. I only want to do things that make me happy. Making money is important, but it’s not my ultimate driver.

Are you dictating people’s fashion senses?

– Well, I hope I am, because again, that’s the job of a fashion designer. It’s to intuit what people want six or eight months, a year before they want it. So that it’s there, waiting for them. But again, if I weren’t doing this, in a year or so, someone else might, because I believe it’s the right thing at the right time.


What’s the difference between Tom Ford, the man and Tom Ford, the product?

– Tom Ford, the product is very confident, very strong. Tom Ford, the man is also those things, but Tom Ford -the man – is also very shy. You constantly have rejection. But I am much more shy and private as a person than probably ever comes off.

How do you shut off?

– My work is my hobby. I love what I do. So that is already very rewarding too.

Are you a control freak?

– I hate the word control freak. But yes, I probably fit that description. I’ve always found it amusing that sometimes I have been criticised for that when the very nature of being a designer, it’s not a democracy, it’s a dictatorship.

So, what makes a man stylish?

– The way he treats other people.

What makes woman beautiful?

– If we are talking pure physical beauty, I think, a certain amount of confidence makes anyone beautiful.

Do you feel you are successful?

– Yes, because I am fulfilling my destiny and have fulfilled my destiny, I am very content, at times very happy.

Source: CNN By Monita Rajpal

Lane Crawford Joyce Group and Tom Ford

This is Tom FordBrooks, who has been in Hong Kong for 10 years. Lane Crawford is a 157-year-old department store that Brooks has built into the Bergdorf Goodman of China. The Lane Crawford Joyce Group, so-called after acquiring the legendary boutiques of Joyce Ma, totals 450 stores across Asia, through affiliations with Alberta Ferretti, Canali, La Perla, Hugo Boss, Coach, Marc Jacobs, Ferragamo, Jimmy Choo, Balenciaga and Vertu among others. There are more stores to come for Stella McCartney and Club Monaco.

Lane Crawford Joyce Group has also partnered with Tom Ford to open 80-plus stores under his name across Asia and Australia. The first will be in Osaka in February. “He does beautiful suitings with an edge for guys who are savvy, hip and also gentlemen,” Brooks declares. “Tom is the only young menswear designer with legs for growth. Armani is 73. Tom is 40. He has a great future ahead of him.”