Dominique Miceli’s plan to direct Tom Ford & Donatella Versace

Donatella VersaceDominique Miceli, known in elite fashion circles as the mother to Louis Vuitton creative consultant Camille Miceli, may have a burgeoning film career in the works. At the Roberto Cavalli for H&M launch party in Rome Thursday, the elder Miceli, who styled the elaborate food displays in conjunction with show producer Alex de Betak, revealed that she’s been in talks with Tom Ford and Donatella Versace to develop documentaries on the respective designers’ lives. Miceli, along with Loïc Prigent, recently released Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton, a fly-on-the-wall documentary about its creative director that was the culmination of having spent a year filming the designer’s work habits. In the video, Miceli is credited with accessing the inner sanctums of Jacobs’ world due to her relationship with Jacobs and the Vuitton family. Now she hopes to apply the same principles to future projects. “I spoke to their assistants and they said they want to do it, so we’ll see,” she said.


One last post from Milan: Tom Ford’s latest step

tom_shoes_h.jpgLooks like Tom Ford is finally showing some sensitivity to the customer not inclined to pay upwards of fifteen hundred bucks for a pair of off-the-rack shoes. By cutting his prices? Uh, not quite. No, come June, Ford will unveil a made-to-measure shoe service, launching at the designer’s shops in Milan and New York. In true Tom fashion, understatement is strictly optional: Customers will be able to stamp their signature into each pair, and a double-monk-strap shoe (pictured) manages to be both elegant and borderline showy—the footwear equivalent of his wide-lapel suits. Expect prices, which aren’t yet set, to make Berlutis look like a bargain.


Daniel Craig Reveals Love For Tom Ford

Daniel CraigAt his recent cover shoot for the American edition of GQ, Bond actor Daniel Craig revealed his love for Tom Ford’s tailoring.

“Unlike some guys we shoot, Craig is passionate – and rather knowledgeable – about clothes; particularly suits,” GQ style editor Adam Rapoport says.

“He pretty much only wears bespoke these days, especially after suiting up in all those custom-made Brioni numbers in Casino Royale. Recently he’s been big into Tom Ford’s line. He arrived at the shoot with a just-finished, never-worn Tom Ford custom suit, one that would probably run the average guy, what, $7,500? Anyway, our fashion department, meanwhile, showed up with an entire rack of beautiful suits for him to try on. Which he did, but ultimately, he felt none of them fit as nicely as his TF. And so he said, ‘Thank you very much, but I’ll stick with my suit’.”