Tom Ford Review, Plus Audio From The Show

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If there were ever a true gathering of fashion’s extended royal family in New York, it happened last night at 845 Madison Avenue at the corner of 70th Street. At precisely 7pm when the guards dressed in black tuxedos locked the front gates,…

The Reality Of His Clothing

Tom Ford: "I feel that fashion has become too serious...Fashion needs to make one happy. It is a luxury and should enhance one's quality of life." Ford also believes in, wait for it, "real clothes for real women.

Tom Ford Responds to Roitfeld Speculation

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In an e-mail from London on Saturday, Tom Ford said he was as surprised as everyone else about Carine Roitfeld’s decision to leave French Vogue at the end of January — and, no, don’t expect a Ford-Roitfeld collaboration anytime soon. He…

Tom Ford On Fashion With Julia Restoid Roitfeld In V

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The younger Roitfeld can rock Tom Ford nearly as well as her hot mom.   Photos: Julia Restoin Roitfeld for V Magazine In order to have access to Tom Ford's Spring line you should either be Beyonce, a maje model, super wealthy…

Tom Ford spring 2011 Editoral in W Magazine

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    Holding out on magazines until December paid off for Tom Ford. Ford’s collection was already featured in a dedicated Vogue December 2010 editorial, but I have the feeling that the forthcoming W Magazine’s Tom Ford editorial is going…

Tom Ford Wants People To Embrace Nakedness

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Former Gucci designer Tom Ford believes people look better naked as clothes can sometimes be unflattering. Tom Ford believes people look better naked. The former Gucci designer says clothes can sometimes be unflattering and thinks…