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Tom Ford: How are you?

Karl Lagerfeld: Very well, so nice to hear from you.

Tom Ford: How was your birhtday, how was your summer?

Karl Lagerfeld: Great, we were in Biarritz. Everybody cane there, and we had lots of fun... but it seems so far away already. So much has happened since then.

Tom Ford: I know, but I haven't seen you in a long time.

Karl Lagerfeld: Yes, I know, we miss you. Between you and me, the fashion world is very boring without you...

Tom Ford: Oh thank you Karl! But you probably say that to all old designers.

Karl Lagerfeld: No, I don't know them. I know very few and they don't have any glamour. They take themselves too seriously. They want to be intellectuals or they want to be 'artists'.

Tom Ford: I hate that.

Karl Lagerfeld: It's very difficult doing an interview with somebody I consider a friend, because I'm not used to asking the questions, I'm usually asked them. So, my dear, what would you like me to ask you?

Tom Ford: Anything you want.

Karl Lagerfeld: Anything? No private questions.

Tom Ford: Private questions are good, they're much more interesting.

Karl Lagerfeld: But you don't want to see them printed.

Tom Ford: Sure I do, I don't mind. Since everyone is gonna read it, go ahead.

Karl Lagerfeld: But it's not like our little dinners at Caviar Kaspia.

Tom Ford: Not quite

Karl Lagerfeld: Are you happy?

Tom Ford: I'm very happy.

Karl Lagerfeld: Good, I like to hear this.

Tom Ford: Although I'm not really happy right now because Bush has just been reelected, I'm a bit depressed.

Karl Lagerfeld: I understand, but it was expected. My sister, who is American, told me: "L.A. and New York are not America, but middle America is very much Bush."

Tom Ford: That's true, it's very sad. I was really hoping that Kerry might just win.

Karl Lagerfeld: I'm afraid everybody hoped that, but Tom, don't get depressed over it.

Tom Ford: I'll gett over it.

Karl Lagerfeld: So where are you most of the time London or L.A.?

Tom Ford: I'm half in London and half in L.A., butI sold my house in London and my new house there will not be ready until March. So between now and then I'm mostly in L.A.

Karl Lagerfeld: What's the difference between the two houses?

Tom Ford: The new one is bigger [laughs].

Karl Lagerfeld: Good, good, good!

Tom Ford: ....and it's really classic, English house whereas the one before was a Victorian house that I made very modern. This one I'm going to keep quite classic.

Karl Lagerfeld: And how is the [Tadao] Ando house coming along?

Tom Ford: He has designed several buildings for us, and we've started on one of them. We're still redesigning the main house. I like working with him.

Karl Lagerfeld: Oh, he is devine! I worked with him for many years and we always had so many problems with planning permission. You know in France you cannot build these kind of house. They said it looked like a church of a sect. At the end, I stopped it and introduced him to your friend Monsieur Pinault, and he got the museum. Where is he building your house?

Tom Ford: Outside of Sante Fe

Karl Lagerfeld: It will look great there.

Tom Ford: That's why I hired him, I think he is so much about walls and light. And the local architecture of New Mexico is of course adobe and fortrss like, and the light is very strong there, so it's about light and massive walls.

Karl Lagerfeld: I think it's very creative to build houses.

Tom Ford: It is, but it's wearing me out.

Karl Lagerfeld: Yes darling, but you have to be exhausted by something.

Tom Ford: [sounding tired] Yes it's true.

Karl Lagerfeld: This is going to make you laugh... I'm considering to take a house in L.A. too.

Tom Ford: [laughing] Are you really?

Karl Lagerfeld: Everybody goes there. I think I should have a place there. Nicole [Kidman] said she would look for a place for me in Pacific Palisades. What do you think about the houses there?

Tom Ford: You don't want to live in Pacific Palisades.

Karl Lagerfeld: For me it's the idea of Thomas Mann. I went to L.A. for the first time when I was 12.

Tom Ford: There are some great houses there. I think you should have a Schindler house.

Karl Lagerfeld: Yes, but they are very few. I love Schindler.

Tom Ford: The best ones are the little ones he did.

Karl Lagerfeld: Yes, they are very tiny. I don't see you living in there.

Tom Ford: I don't see you living in there either [laughs].

Karl Lagerfeld: But I want a change.

Tom Ford: But Karl, your closet wuldn't even fit in there!

Karl Lagerfeld: Exactly. But I want to move, I want something different. I have a place in Biarritz, which is great, but I don't like going there that often because it's too humid and it's only great in the summer. But I have a great studio there. Perhaps I will built something in L.A. too.

Tom Ford: I was driving down the street in Beverly Hills a few months ago and standing on the corner, looking like someone who was waiting for the bus, was Hedi [Slimane]. I run into a lot of people.

Karl Lagerfeld: Yes, he loves it there too. He wants to work from America. I love the idea and I always had the feeling I would be there one day, maybe the time is right now.

Tom Ford: Well, we could play tennis every morning ....

Karl Lagerfeld: People who sketch like me don't play tennis, the doctor said asymmetric are very bad.

Tom Ford: Oh, come on! We'll play tennis ...

Karl Lagerfeld: That's the kind of thing we promise to do, but we never do it ...... So I have your big book in front of me.

Tom Ford: Yes, it's very big.

Karl Lagerfeld: Quite beautifull, but it's really the final point of a decade.

Tom Ford: It is a closed period. And that was one of the reasons I wanted to do the book. For me, like you, being a virgo, we like to have things very neat, very clean, very finished and I wanted to finish that chapter of my life so I could move on to the next one.

Karl Lagerfeld: Exactly. I never turn pages; I tear them out. When the time is finished I don't turn the pages anymore, I forget about them.

Tom Ford: I see what you're saying.

Karl Lagerfeld: I think it's a very good attitude in life.

Tom Ford: I don't tear them out, I just put them in a box and put them away.

Karl Lagerfeld: But you keep archives?

Tom Ford: Yes, I do.

Karl Lagerfeld: I don't!

Tom Ford: In fact, they all just arrived here. My assistant is going through them and redoing them .... it's a nightmare.

Karl Lagerfeld: A real nightmare! You should never look at them.....

Tom Ford: But if I hadn't kept them I wouldn't be able to do the book.

Karl Lagerfeld: You should forget what you did and start a new life.

Tom Ford: Now that book is done, I am. but i'm still going to finish the archives, put them in a warehouse and move on.

Karl Lagerfeld: But never look at them. You'll remember what should be remembered and the rest you'll forget about.

Tom Ford: Exactly. I always forget about the bad things and just remember the good things.

Karl Lagerfeld: Me too, I'm very gifted with that. Some people think we're superficial, but being superficial is the only way to survive.

Tom Ford: [laughing] I agree Karl .....

Karl Lagerfeld: Talking of your book, I just saw the photos of your book signing.

Tom Ford: I took quite a lot of time ... I'm going to London to do it next week.

Karl Lagerfeld: You had people waiting in line for you to sign their book. Don't you feel it's quite scary?

Tom Ford: They wait so long you feel like you have to talk each one.

Karl Lagerfeld: Sometimes, you also get their life story in 5 minutes. People start to cry in front of you.

Tom Ford: yes, they cried, they hug you and they tell you they love you!

Karl Lagerfeld: Isn't that quite frightening?

Tom Ford: It's my job, you know. I'm sure you've done it many times.

Karl Lagerfeld: Sure, I did it in the past, but some-times it's sad that people cry in front of a stranger.

Tom Ford: But we are not strangers to them. They're strangers to us but them they know us, they have seen our faces a million times, they have listened to us talk ....

Karl Lagerfeld: Wee some people unpleasant?

Tom Ford: No, everyone was really pleasant.

Karl Lagerfeld: You've never had people that were aggressive .... jealous of you because you're young, rich and handsome?

Tom Ford: No, not if they are gonna wait for 3 hours in line to see me [laughs].

Karl Lagerfeld: It happened 2 or 3 time sto me. People started to insult me because they weren't happy and thought I was very happy. They thought I was a living insult. Very strange. Don't you ever get nasty letters?

Tom Ford: Yes, I've those, but they're not so much nasty as more sexual, sort of stalk letters. Actually, I got a very nice letter not so long ago from a girl in Yugoslavia who wanted to be my wife. She told me how well she could cook and sentme a photo of herself cooking a pot of soup, but with no blouse on, he tits were ........

Karl Lagerfeld: [interrupting] ... if you want children, maybe it's a good idea!

Tom Ford: [laughing] Yeah, I was considering it!

Karl Lagerfeld: Are you still into the idea of adopting children? I think it's good idea because it's difficult for people like us to have children.

Tom Ford: I'm thinking of getting an 18-year old boy though.

Karl Lagerfeld: That's different, you will pay for his studies! But if you're disappointed in the child you've adopted, it can be horrible.

Tom Ford: Well, you wait until they are 18 and just choose a really beautiful one.

Karl Lagerfeld: yes, but he shouldn't be stupid. I know you think looks are really important. I was told you never hired anybody that wasn't .....

Tom Ford: No, they have to be smart..... if you choose 18, it's a little more easy. You interview them and then you decide.

Karl Lagerfeld: That's like hiring, not adopting!

Tom Ford: You interview them and then adopt one.

Karl Lagerfeld: Do you think you're good for them?

Tom Ford: I don't now, that's my new theory: 18 years old to adopt.

Karl Lagerfeld: You still have to wait a few years, I think. So tell me about the movies. ... when are we going to see the first Tom Ford film?

Tom Ford: Oh God, I would love for you to see it soon, but who knows? It's coming along very well, but it takes a long time. I'm writing something on the momneet. As soon as it's finished the long, slow process of putting it all together will take place.

Karl Lagerfeld: But you know what you want.

Tom Ford: I know exactly what I want.

Karl Lagerfeld: That's the most important thing ..... now do it please! Don't keep us waiting! We want something new from Tom Ford.

Tom Ford: So do I!

Karl Lagerfeld: I'm going to send you some books. I do it all the time with Bruce Weber, he sends me books and I do the same. After all, I have a bookstore and I'm a publisher so I want to send you books like I do with Ingrid [Sischy], Bruce and others .... i like sending books to people.

Tom Ford: Great, I love to get books.

Karl Lagerfeld: Did Ingrid talk to you about the ten years of Interview book we're doing? It's even heavier than your book!

Tom Ford: She was very happy with it.

Karl Lagerfeld: You know what I did? I designed a trolley, so when you buy the book you walk out of the shop with your trolley, like in the supermarket.

Tom Ford: [laughd I love that.

Karl Lagerfeld: Yours is pretty heavy too. It's a beautifull made book. If you want to do another one, I'll publish it. it will be easy and fun.

Tom Ford: Yes, I'll come to you.

Karl Lagerfeld: I don't know if you have seen the second book I made with Hedi, Stage ? It's a very beautifull book. Believe it or not, we used 27 tones of ink to print that book and 26 tones of paper.

Tom Ford: Icredible. Next time, you're the man.

Karl Lagerfeld: I hope so. And I have to send you another book I'll be publishing. It's a book about Paris done in 1930, by a man named Moï Ver who made only one book about Varsovie and this book. He came from Bauhaus and was a pupil of Moholy-Nagy. Everybody wanted it and for some strange reason there were only 200 copies made, and i own number one.

Tom Ford: Wow.

Karl Lagerfeld: I found one on Amazon and they were asking 25.000 dollar for it. So I'm going to reprint it, it's most beautiful book about Paris you can imagine. it's before Brassai and all the others.

Tom Ford: What are yuo doing tonight?

Karl Lagerfeld: Working, I'm just back from Biarritz where I shot the fendi and Chanel campaigns. I have to look at all my papers and letters.

Tom Ford: Are you happy?

Karl Lagerfeld: Darling, I'm not ambitious.

Tom Ford: Oh come on! Are you having a romance Karl?

Karl Lagerfeld: No, I don't want one.

Tom Ford: Yes you do. I want you too.

Karl Lagerfeld: In my mind maybe, but I don't like reality, I think it's really promiscuous.

Tom Ford: That's bullshit! We'll find you some friends in L.A.!

Karl Lagerfeld: No, I'm not looking.

Tom Ford: I know, but you need one.

Karl Lagerfeld: You think so?

Tom Ford: Yeah!

Karl Lagerfeld: Well, this can be for another conversation. Big kiss.

Tom Ford: Take care and call me when you come to L.A.

Karl Lagerfeld: Absolutely, perhaps before.

Tom Ford: Allright, bye!


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