tford_yslrvaw04_b.jpgTom Ford, fashion designer: ”If you’ve been in the public eye and a groomer puts bronzer on, it is hard not to be addicted. I wear tinted moisturiser, cover stick and a Clinique bronzer but I don’t do anything to my eyelashes, I’m lucky in that way. That is where men go wrong with eye lifts – lower is fine, but upper gives you a weird feminine look. Oh, I hate giving my beauty secrets away…I have always loved beauty and have, in fact, been ribbed in the press for it. But hair and make-up are as important as clothes they define a character. They can transform a little black dress. It can be made Fifties with eyeliner, or Twenties with a Louise Brooks bob and sexy oiled-up eyes and lashes. And, being a vain human being, I also have a personal interest. I’m fascinated by the ability to transform a face through cosmetics – it’s the creative side that interests me.’As a young homosexual child of 10 – OK, I did not know I was homosexual then – if I was left with the babysitter I would give my sister a makeover. Hair with raw eggs, cucumber on the eyes – whatever I had seen on TV.”