A nude magazine spread, and an obsession with pornography that’s seen him paying advertising models to have sex on set. Oh, and trouble with the neighbours. What’s driving Gucci’s former chief designer?

Pink rose petals cascaded from the ceiling and the catwalk vibrated to the 1998 Ultra Nate anthem, “Free” (“You’re free / To do what you want to do”). That was fashion week in Milan almost two years ago and the occasion was Tom Ford’s farewell show as the chief designer for Gucci after a triumphant 13 years.

Nobody imagined – least of all himself – that the perennially chic Ford, with unerring uniform of white shirt (unbuttoned to halfway), black jacket and trousers, was about to vanish from public view. While he swore off creating womenswear, he said he knew exactly what he wanted to do, after a bit of a rest anyway. He was going to Hollywood to make movies. Big, splashy, wildly successful movies.More –>>

Source: News.independent.co.uk