27188sklein1.jpgThe Gallery Camera Work will be presenting selected works by the photographer Steven Klein in its rooms in the Kantstrasse between April 22 and June 10, 2006. The exhibition will focus on the photos for the latest Tom Ford project “Valley of the Dolls” and the “Case Studies #13” with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Although Klein studied the classical art of painting he became more famous through his inspiring fashion photos. This star photographer, who caused a great stir last year in the Gallery Camera Work with his exhibition “Madonna – X-STaTIC PRO = CeSS”, will once again be attending personally.

“Case Study #13” is not simply classical celebrity photography. Steven Klein has compiled a photographic story of the life of an average American family with the actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. We see Jolie and Pitt dancing, drinking or playing with children, but also arguing, fighting or armed with pistols.

Tom Ford’s project “Valley of the Dolls” holds a mirror up to the fashion industry. In today’s established ideal of beauty people increasingly come to resemble dolls. The models in the photos are clean-shaven, men without beards or hair on their chests, women have artificial breasts and lips. Beauty is no longer a question of creams or lotions but of Botox and face-lifting; everything looks plastic, waxed and polished. Tom Ford stands out in the middle of all these models. He sees himself as the person who manipulates the conventional ideal of beauty.

This is brought drastically to the point by Steven Klein‘s photos.

Source: Actuphoto.com