Andy WarholHave hope, lonely NYU students – self-proclaimed “sex god” Tom Ford used to be a friendless freshman until a dorm mate knocked on his door and changed his life. In a profile of Ford in New York magazine, the designer told Vanessa Grigoriadis, “One night, I was sitting in my dorm at Weinstein dormitory, thinking, ‘God, please let someone knock on the door,’ because I was so lonely . . . Then this nice guy from my art history class in this cute little blazer came in and asked if I wanted to go to a party. Andy Warhol was at the party, and he took us to Studio 54 – wow.” No wonder the ex-Gucci designer, who just opened his Madison Avenue store, admits, “I still like looking at naked people, even if I don’t quite look the way I used to without my clothes on.” Now, many years past his college days, Ford, 44, told New York, “I don’t care about being the cool kid anymore – I’m so over that. I’m getting too old to care about sex anyway.” Does that mean the notoriously brief-free fashionista will start wearing underwear?