NEW! AS THE BRAINS behind the Gucci campaign that featured a woman with a G shaved into her pubic hair, Tom Ford has never shied away from controversy when it comes to advertising.

The latest images to promote Tom Ford for Men do not disappoint, as he returns to what he does best: pictures designed to shock, with a good dose of nudity.

Though the original images to promote the fragrance were reasonably demure, Ford has swapped them for a racy new campaign shot by Terry Richardson. The most risque shows a woman with the fragrance bottle held between her naked thighs, another shows a woman clutching her bare breasts with the bottle wedged between.

The decision to swap the images was explained by a spokswoman for Tom Ford Beauty, ‘We loved the original Marilyn Minter images, but while on a shoot with [Richardson] in Milan, we decided that a sharper, more graphic approach clearly communicated the bold and provocative mood of the fragrance.’