Tom Ford in ad campaignWhen we last wrote about the upcoming Tom Ford fragrances and about Tom Ford For Men in particular, Tom Ford had decided to pose himself for the ads as the subject of the signature wet yet dressed look by photographer Marilyn Minter. Now the brand announces that they will advertise Tom Ford For Men with a series of porno-chic images of the more hard-core variety going back in this manner to some of Tom Ford’s roots as a communicator of provocative advertising images……..

Ford is infamous for using nudity for its shock value. One of his most famous efforts in this area was with a publicity for Yves Saint Laurent Opium with Sophie Dahl that had to be taken down from billboards in Great Britain after the image provoked a wave of complaints.

According to Women’s Wear Daily:

The photos range from tame to titillating — the most shocking being the Tom Ford for Men bottle wedged between a woman’s glistening thighs, with the bottle barely covering her bare genitalia. “We loved the original Marilyn Minter images, but while on a shoot with [Richardson] in Milan, we decided that a sharper, more graphic approach clearly communicated the bold and provocative mood of the fragrance,”

The pictures will be distributed in several magazines, each receiving a different one, Vanity Fair is running the ad in its October issues, but would not confirm which image it was given to run. GQ has been approached, but it could not be learned if it will run the ad. The upper body photographs are running in the October issues of Interview and V Man, while Details is running the more risque lower body shot.

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