imagen-2.pngWith the launch of an exclusive, limited-edition fragrance, Tom Ford presents his sublime new version of a classic woody men’s scent. Fusing intriguing gourmand essences with a selection of pure, hand-distilled ingredients that have been prized by artisanal parfumiers for centuries, Tom Ford for Men Extreme surrounds the senses with a radiant, and palpably succulent, rich blend.

A finely curated collection of herbs and spices such as Thai basil, chamomile, and cinnamon offers the first invitation to inhale—part spicy, part soft. Then the ripe, rounded notes of Brogiotto black fig, blended with a hint of violet and plum, create the heart of the scent, which is warmed with sandalwood and cedar. Finally, a rich mix of masculine accords including leather, aged patchouli, and Japanese incense shroud this epicurean blend in lasting layers of sensuality.

Available this December while stocks last from a handful of select counters nationwide, Tom Ford for Men Extreme is a showcase for Ford’s distinct olfactory signature: it combines highly sophisticated, precious materials in an innovative new sequence, creating an unmistakably modern fragrance that is nonetheless rooted in the finest traditions of the perfume-maker’s art.

Top Notes

A bouquet of exotic, epicurean notes such as Thai basil, coriander, chamomile, cardamom, cinnamon bark, Persian lemon, and Cistus open the fragrance with a spicy-soft-citrus-tart burst.

Middle Notes

the textured and complex heart is structured from black plum, Parma violet, cedarwood atlas and sandalwood, enlivened with a pinch of saffron and thyme, then wrapped around the heady, “slow food” note of Italian Brogiotto black fig. extremely aromatic, known for its sweet, rich flavor, the Brogiotto black fig is a purple-and-black colored fruit grown in northern Italy.

Base Notes

Pure essences, distilled directly from the highest-grade raw sources, such as rum, Haitian Vetyver, caramel, vanilla, black truffle, and fir balsam, are blended with a supple leather accord and the finest variety of amber. Then, two connoisseur-level ingredients complete the base: patchouli vieux, a vintage essential oil that is aged for over five years in oak barrels until it develops a rich and velvety personality, and shoyeido incense, which is hand-blended by master craftsmen in Japan from natural materials and considered the finest incense in the world.

The Packaging

Tom Ford for Men Extreme is presented in a sumptuous and unmistakably masculine version of the tom ford fragrance bottle. The sleek, rounded flask with the distinctive fluted surface is cast in dark amber-chocolate glass and finished with a gold name plaque, gold cap, and a thin gold ring at the neck.

The bottle is packaged in a matte-black box adorned with glossy black fluting and edged with gold, then stamped with the logo in gold on the top and finished with the Tom Ford for Men gold plaque on the front with a secondary line stating, simply, “Extreme.”