interiordesignmagok.jpgAccording to Interior Design magazine, it’s Tom Ford’s Madison Avenue mecca! We couldn’t agree more. Pay a visit and see what we mean.


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  1. MG says:

    I visited the shop on the 28th of December:

    (a) The collection is worst ever. Anyone in the mood for a purple pullover that makes you look like a fat potato? I had a great lough with the clown shoes!!

    (b) Service is terrible. I expected sellers to be classy, but not at all. Way bellow Gucci standard.

    (c) What a mess this store. Stains on the couch in the room where you find the suits. Dust on suits… Shirts piled like at some cheap Zara shop.

    (d) The fabrics, they look so cheap, certainly not worth 4000$.

    Conclusion: go to Gucci or Smalto and stay there.

    I hope he does something before it all goes bankrupt. Looks is not all sir. If only you could only draw your clothes…

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