The Gucci years are over, luxury’s growing conscience

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Luxury products are - by definition - not necessary. They begin where necessity ends. And many luxury brands have increasingly struggled to justify their more conspicuous excesses to a more challenging consumer marketplace of opinion. However,…

Tom Ford drops the soap

Well, this was bound to happen: Months after king of all fashion Tom Ford posed naked with “teammates” in a highly publicized Out shower spread, Tom Ford For Men has released a series of toiletries that includes an Eau du Toilette, aftershave,…

Tom Ford and Life Attitude

On Midlife Crisis It's a process. There's a great quote comparing midlife to reaching the top of the ladder only to realize that you've had it against the wrong wall. It wasn't so much about changing my outer life; it was a question of changing…

Tom Ford nominated for CFDA

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The CFDA Board of Directors made the announcement Monday night at the Rooftop Gardens of the Rockefeller Center in an exclusive event underwritten by Swarovski, wherein the 2008 nominees of outstanding achievements in fashion design was made…

Versace takes over from Tom Ford

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WWD reports that Donatella Versace will chair the Fashion Fringe selection committee. Versace takes over from Tom Ford, who occupied the post for two years. Fashion Fringe provides one new designer each year with a $201,340 stipend, as well…

James Bond for Tom Ford

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‘The Bond franchise is a very unusual thing,’ said Lindy Hemming, who was the costumer designer from GoldenEye through Casino Royale (Louise Frogley replaces her for Quantum of Solace). ‘I’m not sure I properly realised it at first.…

Fashion`s favorite talks about babies, retirement, and deflowerment

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(NEW YORK) Tom Ford's next big foray: fatherhood? In the spring issue of Fantastic Man (The Gentleman's Style Journal) on newsstands this week, the designer says that he has everything--the cars, the homes, the wealth, and the lifestyle--except…

Tom Ford: You Are Invited

If you live in New York City (or in surrounding areas) - you should be at the Tom Ford Friends & Family sample sale! The invitation is below:

Fantastic Man Spring/Summer 2008: Tom Ford

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When I have to be up at 6:30 tomorrow to tour a newbie I know I really shouldn't be up late on The Fashion Spot, but if you see Tom Ford on the cover of a fairly underground men's fashion mag it would be criminal not to post. The news only…