91889832.jpgTom Ford arrived at LAX yesterday in an ensemble for first-class and private plane riding only. When you’ve got a nosy brat behind you kicking your seat and a fat heifer in front of you with their seat all the way in your lap, the last thing you want to be wearing is that shit. You want to be some nasty ass sweats and an XL sweatshirt.

Tom Ford looks like he’s about to steal my heart and the Russian plans with a seductive tango. If there ever was a gay Bond, this is him.


Tom is probably one of those bitches that spends an hour grooming before sexy times. They have to perfectly trim their pubes, get the nipples perky and douche the anus. I had a one-nighter once that spent a good 45-minutes douching the hole. Through the bathroom door, all I could hear was running water and lots of gushing. It almost made me walk out, but I’m a slut, so I stayed.



Source: Dlisted.com

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  1. will green says:

    My frined and I were coincidentally seated next to Tom and a party of three at lucques on April 27th. I was next to him on a banquette, and we could hear the entire conversation at his table, even though we really didn’t want to. Aside from being a poor-mannered and seemingly unsophisticated brat, he said things like, “Remember,the last time I was here I fucked Demi Moore. And I fucked Ashton Kushner before he fucked her.” Guess that was right before or right after the Rodeo Drive event. Really nice guy, LOL

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