Tom Ford Extreme – Early September

Tom Ford White Patchouli – Early October

Bottles same as Black Orchid, just in white instead. 30ml, 50ml and 100ml available, the 50ml is £56

Private Blend Candles – Late September

Four candles of certain fragrances from the Private Blend collection – Noir de Noir and three others, that I can’t remember! Large candles in wooden cases

Private Blend Soaps – Late September

Only in two of the Fragrances, Neroli Portofino and other that I can’t remember. Sold in boxes of four, fantastic packaging!

Private Blend Travel Set – Late October £130-£140, set of all 12 in 3ml OILS. They’re called pulse point oils, and apparently have greater longevity.

2009 we may see three new private blends being added to the collection.


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  1. sharon macy says:

    i would love to try white patchouli. is there a chance i can try a sample? since i have cancer and taking meds, some fragrants just don’t stay on me, and i hate to spend tons of money and i can’t smell me.

    i love patchouli

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