Tom FordTom Ford is long overdue to make a dress or two … or a thousand. But he’s said he has no plans to return to womenswear. We’d been hoping that was just something he was saying, and today we learn it was! He finally definitively stated he will make women’s clothes again. Lovely news! Though he’s been focusing on menswear, for which he just won a CFDA award, he also won a trophy for womenswear back in 2001. In a WWD article about his new 10,000-square-foot six-floor menswear shop in Milan and new women’s fragrance we noticed this gem of a paragraph:

So is he saving room for women’s wear in the Milan location? “Not yet,” said Ford. “Logistically, I don’t think I could take that on right now. I have to find a niche to give women what they don’t already have. Once I figure that out and get the men’s distribution exactly where I want it, I will return to it. That’s probably at least two or three years from now.”