Patchouli of Tom FordTom Ford. Just saying his name gives me goosebumps. Tom got me hooked with Black Orchid, and now he’s brought us the bewitching White Patchouli.

Now, the word patchouli might remind you of your middle school days when you were running around in Dead Head t-shirts and Vans, burning incense in your room and trying to fake-dread your hair.

This is totally wrong. Tom’s White Patchouli is like a slow smolder on the skin, emanating a warm, spicy muskiness. The initial spritz is pretty intense, but the fragrance soon softens up (unlike Black Orchid which stays strong all night). And, although I must confess I’m more of a Black Orchid type of girl, the more I wear White Patchouli, the more I love it.

This fragrance opens with notes of bergamot blended with white peony and coriander, then blossoms with rose absolute, night blooming jasmine and ambrette seed, and finishes with patchouli orpur, a medley of blonde woods and incense.


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  1. Danilo says:


    i’m writing a subject about Tom Ford. It will be publicated in Aimé Magazine (, a brazilian publication.

    I need with utmost urgency any pictures/images (good resolution) of Tom Ford. Is it possible?

    Could anyone send me some images of him?

    Thank since yet.

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