GogglesIf Tom Ford’s $9,240 otter fur boots are a thumb of the nose at the economic crisis, his new $475 tanning goggles are a big, juicy raspberry. Then again, the goggles and a couple of sessions at your local tanning bed are probably cheaper than a trip to St. Bart’s. Looked at that way, you could even call them a bargain.

Source: Style.com

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  1. Most Viewdnews says:

    $475 goggles in a tiny glass bed where nobody can admire them? We’re not sure, but we think it has something to do with being extravagantly wealthy. If we ever decided to tan our sickly pale skin, we would probably have to go with the freebies. I think that they way the economy is today why would the designer even think to make a pair of tanning goggles that cost so much.

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