Tom Ford bag

These are good days to be a guy who likes to shop in Vegas. After dazzling Hollywood stars (and having recently directed the indie film, A Single Man), designer Tom Ford’s new store is now open at Crystals in Las Vegas’s City Center. The location is difficult to miss, thanks to the contrast of bright-lighted letters on stained wood paneling. The interior is also dark and relaxing, with comfortable and elegant décor styled after Tom Ford’s own home, including modern sofas, a sleek marble coffee table and an impressive beaver skin rug.

But the real attraction of the Tom Ford store is the complete line of elite men’s wear, sunglasses, scents and accessories you can’t find anywhere else, even at Neiman Marcus stores. Though sparsely stocked, the racks provide a wide variety of the elegant suits, great shirts and bold ties Ford is so well known for. The staff makes your shopping quite an elegant experience, and it’s an impressive place to take a date before or after dinner.

Having always admired Ford’s fashions from afar, the experience of shopping in his store was honestly a little overwhelming. While perusing the marble backroom full of eyewear and colognes, a helpful salesperson showed me several of Ford’s signature scents. The perfume Black Orchid was so compelling that I found myself reaching for my credit card. Luckily Ford’s fragrances are affordable on any budget.

Though I managed to get away with some funds still left in my account, I will say that the Tom Ford store is not a place for men requiring standard shopping contrivances… such as price tags. You’ll find none in the store. If something catches your eye, be sure you’re ready to spend and spend well before asking for a fitting. Getting the same great look and cut in a suit Daniel Craig had in the last Bond movie will cost you plenty.

Aside from the suits, the shirts, fragrances, and accessories can be had for reasonable prices. For giggles, check out the brown men’s swimming trunks hanging on the rack. Most of you will skip it, you’d have to be a 12 year old boy to pull it off.

Tom Ford

3720 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89109

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