Having already filled out my top ten films of the year list, it was somewhat surprising that Tom Ford’s “A Single Man” made the cut.  A moving and powerful picture when I caught the drama’s premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, it was unclear how long an impression the picture would make or whether there would be numerous films that would jump ahead of it on what is obviously an incredibly subjective ranking of the year’s best.  But in the months that have followed, so much of the picture including Colin Firth’s revelatory performance and the exacting detail of Ford’s direction have made it hard not to salute.

About five weeks ago I happily sat down with the entire cast including Colin Firth (which you can watch here), Matthew Goode, “About a Boy’s” all grown up Nicholas Hoult and director Tom Ford.

Goode has always been a studio publicists nightmare and a journalist’s dream.  Ever since first meeting the Brit while he was doing promoting “Match Point,” Goode has been incredibly frank and usually hilarious with his on set stories and candid revelations about how he really feels about something.  I’ll never forget the horror on a publicist’s face during a “Watchmen” set visit when Goode complained about being stuck in Vancouver for so long with nothing to do.  Word is Goode was a bit more conservative while doing press for his upcoming comedy “Leap Year” this past weekend, but he was certainly his old self for “A Single Man.”  It must have been quite an experience for youngster Nicholas Hoult who joined him for a day of press.  Check out the interview below and enjoy.

As for the man behind the Oscar contender, Ford was clearly, and disappointingly, on message during our sit down.  The press were instructed not to ask about fashion or his career as an iconic designer — just about the movie — which was not only silly, but did him a disservice.  Ford is one of the few to make the rare jump from a creative world outside the movie industry to foster an impressive work of cinema.  To ignore his own creative beginnings and evolution as an artist as he transitions to another art form reeks of insecurity.  In any event, enjoy Ford’s discussion on making “A Single Man” below.Source : Hitfix.com