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For Spring 2010, TOM FORD unveiled twenty-four new sunglass frames that share a polished approach to luxury.

Created for men and women who appreciate potent design, while being confident about their own style, the new collection uses innovation in form and material to serve, not overshadow, the wearer’s personality.

“The day of the obvious, of-the-moment accessory, like the instantly recognizable sunglass frame or handbag, is long over.

Sophisticated clients want design that is beautiful, modern, and valuable, without screaming the season or brand. The person wearing the sunglasses should become memorable-or maybe even iconic-not the glasses themselves” says Ford.

Photo courtesy of Tom Ford

Tom Ford Eyewear

To this end, the collection offers nine new frames for men. They share the TOM FORD sensibility of confident and worldly masculinity, but differ in silhouette and size. They are headlined by a new version of one of Ford’s most successful eyewear designs, the slim metal aviator. Called the Peter [TF142], it takes the classic parallel double bar on the front of the frame and curves it into arching, crisscross lines. Shaped in cool metallic tones and matched with blue, brown, grey, or green lenses, the Peter frame makes a subtle but head-turning statement and is showcased in the new TOM FORD EYEWEAR campaign.

Tom Ford Eyewear

Similar to, but slightly more subdued than the Peter, the Claude and Alessandro [TF145 and TF146] are thin metal frames with a hint of 1950s cool, an unusual rounded bar at the front and gradient smoke, light blue, green or light rose lenses. The Martine and Miguel [TF147 and TF148] modify the slim metal frame by sheathing most of it in clear acetate and leaving the bridge uncovered for contrast. Unusual combinations of materials like shiny ruthenium metal, matt white acetate, and smoke blue lenses make an eye-catching statement. The vintage-chic Ramone and Sophien [TF149 and TF150] feature slightly thicker plastic frames with a thin metal bar at the bridge.

Tom Ford Eyewear

There is also a new take on the wraparound style. The Ace [TF152] is designed for sports and an active lifestyle and features a sweat-stopper at the bridge, but unlike “futuristic” wraparounds, its classic colors [Havana or black] and shaded lenses give a subtle retro look. Finally, the Bachardy [TF153] gives the wayfarer style a reinvention with a rounded, thicker frame.

Tom Ford Eyewear

Though Tom Ford predicts that some women will choose to wear the Peter frame, the collection also presents a feminine version, the stunning Georgette frame [TF154]. Shaped from metal colors like rhodium or rose gold, with grey or brown lenses, it is a frame for a woman who favors sexy and unabashedly confident eyewear statements. Women also get a new twist on the best-selling Whitney style this season. A sinuous, oversized metal frame with cut out sides and injected temples, it’s offered in an exaggerated silhouette [the Emmeline, TF155] and a subtler one [the Eugenia TF156]. The Whitney also inspires a new round, exuberant frame called the Beatrix [TF159] and its oval counterpart, the Brigitte [TF160]. Both feature a unique design detail-a rounded temple that holds the face of the lens.

Innovations on the TOM FORD signature profile-glamorous, oversized frames with a retro echo-appear as the Sabrina and Clothilde styles [TF161 and 162]. Managing to be bold in silhouette without overwhelming the woman’s face, the frames are especially fluid and effortless to wear; they come in delectable graduated colors including gray-green/rose, violet-honey and gray-bordeaux spray effect. The Ingrid [TF 163] and Nicole [TF164], feature a twisted knot motif at the bridge. This new design stamp has a sweet feminine allure, enhanced by materials like clear peach injected with brown lenses and clear green injected with honey lenses. Three more frames, the Annabelle [TF168], Rania [TF169], and Cecile [TF171] offer a classic take on this glamorous profile, with thicker, richly colored acetate frames and flat temples.

Tom Ford Eyewear

Finally, the women’s frames include new designs with a 50s cat-eye influence. The exaggerated Nikita [TF173] features angular lines, skinny temples, and is especially notable in ivory white, while the softer-looking Katrina [TF174] is a more accessible version with wider temples. And with the Nicole [TF175], TOM FORD develops this influence even further, creating a bold frame with an angular and exaggerated butterfly shape and finely tapered temples. This finely crafted acetate frame in classic colors [black and dark or light Havana] expresses the powerful impact achieved when true luxury and innovation combine. TOM FORD EYEWEAR is handmade in Italy by Marcolin.

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