Tom Ford

Tom Ford wears women’s tights when he goes horse riding.

The fashion designer is a huge fan of the leisure activity, but finds he is always left in pain if he only wears trousers as they rub so badly. He came up with the revolutionary idea to don something under his pants years ago, and has never looked back.

“I spend a good deal of the summer on horse back; a pair of women’s pantyhose under my breeches keeps the chafing away,” he said. “I’m serious.”

Tom finds riding horses relaxing, and would do it every day if he had the chance. He plans to take time out from his hectic schedule to practice the pursuit over the next few months, and already has his outfit planned.

“I have a cowboy hat that I wear every day when I’m in Santa Fe. When I put it on I turn into a real Texan, and my pioneer genes keep me from looking like a member of the Village People,” he insisted to the British edition of Vogue magazine. “Another of my summer essentials are friends who have a childish sense of humour – and preferably a yacht.”

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