Caroline GeerlingsThe Estée Lauder Companies has announced that Caroline Geerlings was appointed President, Tom Ford Beauty and New Business. In this position, she will be responsible for the overall strategic direction, global development, management and growth of the brand.

Ms. Geerlings brings nearly 25 years of global experience in the cosmetics industry, including leadership roles at M-A-C Cosmetics and Christian Dior Parfums. Most recently, she held the role of Senior Vice President, General Manager, Prescriptives Worldwide.

Tom Ford Beauty is sold in 43 countries and territories. In May 2010, Tom Ford Beauty launched a lineup of 12 Lip Colors under the Private Blend Collection.

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  1. Sarah Yzenbaard says:

    Dear Ms. Geerling,

    First of all I would like to say congratulations on your promotion to president of Tom Ford Beauty, that is quite an accomplishment. I am not a president or a person of prestige within any high fashion area. I am merely a consumer of many areas that would be considered fashionable. Of course I have been on a path to a career in advertising and this is what brings me to email you this letter.

    From a marketing point of view I understand the draw of your campaign selling the perfume strategically placed on genitalia. I understand the appeal of sexuality and am aware of it’s use to sell a product. To a certain extent I can even buy into a hot guy/girl wearing seductive clothing. I can’t say that the use of this imagery makes it any more appealing to me to buy but, I can say it catches my eye. In your recent ad campaign portraying perfumes in private areas on hot guys/girls bodies I wanted to ask you what you are trying to portray from this ad?

    I am not a prude and am not a religious zealot but, I do find the marketing behind this campaign unnecessary and in fact a bit on the lewd side. I feel as though if you have a quality product especially endorsed by a highly successful company (Estee Lauder) why do you feel the need to use these images to sell more of it?

    I understand the basics of advertising and you certainly have covered (or uncovered) your bases. I am just curious to what end will you continue to sell your product when you are already down to the bare essentials.


    Sarah Yzenbaard

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