Tom Ford releases its Fall/Winter 2010/11

Tom Ford releases its Fall/Winter 2010/11 lookbook featuring models Jon Kortajarena, Gordon Bothe, Jonas Kessler and Max Motta.

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  1. lilla says:

    Mr.”Curling” is very charming. The “lookings” and the hands are worthy of attention of course besides the clothes.

  2. Jacqueline Marie says:

    Mr. Ford,

    I saw “A Single Man” last night for the first time. I have heard and have seen much talk about the style and styling of the film, which was perfect and beautiful. I didn’t hear as much about the incredible performances of Colin Firth and Julianne Moore, she was so perfect — she blows me away with her small performance and has for years with her films. Colin was incredible also, one of his most amazing performances. I loved the film so much!! I am a “Classic” movie lover myself and don’t see many new movies because I am bored to tears with them.

    Thank you for enchanting me for almost two hours with your visually beautiful and thoughtful insight into one man’s difficult existance.

    Jacqueline Marie

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